Affiliate Partner Program

Do You Have a Web Site?
Then join our national program and become a MegaFunding Affiliate Partner to :

  • Add value for you and your site's users.

  • Use our feedback applications to gain competitive business advantage.
  • Expand your market share and increase referrals.
  • Associate with a leader in e-loans for commercial real estate projects.

  • Best of all - Partnering is free!

    When you become a MegaFunding Affiliate Partner, your Web site will provide your visitors with the industry's no. 1 feedback application, InstantQuote ("IQ").

    IQ is a professionally-designed commercial real estate loan inquiry template that is fully customizable and covers 51 different property types and 24 different loan types. IQ allows real estate professionals -- from owner to manager to broker -- to conduct specialized commercial real estate loan inquiries and get feedback - all in real time. Creating loan inquiries and getting valuable feedback is fast, easy, and best of all, it adds value for you and your site's users - instantly!

    Furthermore, we can arrange for our site to deliver the "pulse of the market" in form of Live Market Data as well as Today's Industry News, and our Daily Rate Commentary features a subscription by e-mail format - especially for your visitors.

    Customize the content you would like to offer to your visitors and start expanding your market share today. Apply now! uses 128-bit encryption for it's online secure services. If you are using Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 or higher, you are already using the most secure encryption technology available, and can take full advantage of our secure online services.

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