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megafunding.com is the high-tech arm of Mega Funding International Corp. (click for details), a high-touch, traditional commercial mortgage brokerage company that was founded in 1981.

Mega Funding Internat'l
"We're dedicated to maintain our unique position and to provide our clients with an unparalleled range of products, services and resources on a global level."

The difference between us and most of our on-line competitors is that megafunding.com's site and its proprietary technology were created and remain administered by commercial loan experts, featuring a human support-mechanism that every other dimly similar site is lacking of. We are your "virtual commercial mortgage broker", not just a loan origination service - and we're always open!

Although we believe strongly in the Internet and its applied technologies, we know that closing a commercial mortgage remains a complex transaction. Therefore and in order to ensure smooth processing all loan inquiries and applications are still dealt with by our seasoned team of commercial mortgage professionals with over 100 years of experience among them. So you still get expert human intervention with the following differences :

  1. on-line generated business allow for a loan originator to process loan inquiries and applications about twice as fast versus those traditionally generated off-line, plus
  2. the lender's processing and underwriting routine is speed up because both megafunding.com and the bank are using the same integrated data processing platform.

Under this scenario, we offer you the freedom to shop for a commercial mortgage whenever or wherever it's most convenient. In short, we have created an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly environment through which today's lengthy commercial real estate loan approval process has been virtually eliminated.

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